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Anu is the Celtic Earth Goddess of winds and waters, prosperity & wisdom. The Tuatha de Danann, an ancient mythological tribe that worshipped her, were known as the artistic wise ones, alchemists, and magical healers from Ireland whom her legend lives through. Her connection to water and embodiment of fluidity is the source of Anu Creative Co's inspiration. From fluidity not only comes creativity - but also authenticity, growth, and the synchronistic magic that weaves its way throughout life, reminding us of our soul purpose and the power of our minds.      

Hi, I'm sammi

& I'm the designer behind Anu Creative Co.

What started as a passion for art, has turned into a multi-faceted career helping others bring authenticity and creativity into the heartbeat of their business. I've worked with a wide variety of entrepreneurs in the health & wellness, food & beverage, and e-commerce space to name a few  - and I love getting to be apart of their business's evolution through my creative offerings.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Art & Technology from the University of Oregon where I focused on Digital Design with a side of Computer Science, Communication and various creative expressions. My background as an artist gives me a unique perspective that sets me apart from your traditional designers, yet it still my intention to create visual designs that are aligned with your brands identity..

I believe design should break barriers and have personality, tell a unique story, and craft an experience through connection and invoked emotion. 

I believe there is enough possibility for design to be artistic and detailed in the right places, & minimal // modern can also have originality and soul

artistic & authentic ✦ intentional ✦ boho & botanical ✦ geometric ✦ illustrative ✦ minimal to detailed ✦ modern ✦ SYMBOLIC ✦ ABSTRACT ✦ vintage ✦ psychedelic

I am passionate about protecting our planet and helping others make environmentally conscious decisions throughout their business whenever possible.


me in a nutshell:


artistic LIBRA
nature lover




lifting others up

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